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Redesigning HIZKIA's Website

Digital Discovery Workshop
Research & Analysis
Design Production
User Experience Design
Visual (Interface) Design
Web & App Development

We partnered with HIZKIA, a leader in art logistics, transport, and management, to redesign their website. Our extensive research, ideation, and design iterations resulted in a website that effectively informs and assists HIZKIA's users with their art-related challenges.

Our approach involved researching the art logistics industry and HIZKIA's audience. We interviewed both experts and potential users to understand their needs. Using the data we gathered, we created a flexible design system tailored to each user group and location. We used a user-centered design approach, considering users' technical proficiency and familiarity with art logistics concepts.

The website has an intuitive interface for easy navigation and showcases HIZKIA's professionalism. We extensively tested the website and made adjustments to improve accessibility.

Despite working with multiple audiences and locations, we were able to deliver a beautiful website that helps HIZKIA's users with their art-related challenges. We worked closely with HIZKIA to reflect their brand and mission, and provided training to their staff to update and maintain the website

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